Grandfather Meadowlark - Tess Bagnell

When I was young my father told me, “My grandfather (your great grandfather) told me before he passed away that even when he was gone that I would never be alone because every time I would hear a meadowlark that I would know that he is around. To this day, I think of my grandpa whenever I hear the “tweet-a-tweet-a-da-da” song that the meadowlark sings.”

When I came across this meadowlark it felt like I had come across my great grandfather. The meadowlark sat still and seemed to pose for me and seemed to look at me with love just as my great grandfather did.

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Tess Bagnell

I love photography because a photograph is a moment of beauty captured in time. A picture has the potential to be seen for generations. My favorite subjects to photograph are people and animals in the wild.