Into the Unknown by Marc Bacon

I am not usually a morning person, but there is something special about watching the sunrise in the mountains. From the smell of the dew, to the cool touch of morning mist, there is a special aura to alpine sunrises. The atmosphere is truly magical and is nearly impossible to be captured in an image. I feel that this picture captures the experience of the moment before the sun has really started to rise. There is an unknown feeling about what you will see in the mountains and forests surrounding you when the sun does rise.

This particular morning was memorable as we were waiting for the sun to rise to illuminate the valley that we were waiting in while listening to the nearby bugling elk. We weren’t sure how close the elk were or what we would see when the light came in, which is part of the reason that the title “Into the Unknown” fits this image so well was that we were unsure what we would see in that valley as the sun rose. This picture is of the mist at the edge of the valley as the light just barely started to poke through it. It was almost eerie, especially when paired with the sounds of the nearby bugling elk.

When the sun finally rose we were greeted with what a large bull elk and his harem of cows filling the valley. The trees surrounding the valley were in their fall colors and the morning sun seemed to set them on fire with brilliance. Check out the image of the large bull in the gallery: Elk at Sunrise.

Technical Details

Canon 6D, Sigma 150-500mm @ 267mm, 1/15sec, f/8, and ISO 160

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Marc Bacon

One of my passions is exploring the outdoors and documenting what I find with my camera. My work is primarily wildlife and landscape photography, but I dabble in other fields as well. My photographic style is unique. I am always searching for unique angles and lighting, especially in my landscapes.