Moutain Marsh-marigold Wildflower | Tess Bagnell

Summer in the mountains brings wildflowers. I found this field of wild white marsh-marigold in the Snowy Range (Wyoming) near Medicine Bow Peak while exploring the high altitude lakes in the range. I love how this photo shows a contrast between the snowy mountains with the flowers and green foliage in front of it. It shows how quickly life can emerge after a harsh white winter. Finding this scene was like finding a hidden treasure at the top of a mountain.

These flowers were difficult to identify. I am by no means a wildflower expert but I wanted to identify them correctly for this post. Originally, I misidentified them as a type of mountain daisy. However, I realized that this was incorrect and went back to research more flowers. After lots of searching, I finally found a wildflower that seems to fit the look of these fairly well: the marsh-marigold, or Psychrophila leptosepala if you want to get specific.

If you are a flower expert and I am still wrong, or if you have any questions or comments let me know on Facebook: Tess’ Facebook Profile!

I used a Canon t4i accompanied by a Canon EFS 10-18mm lens to capture this image.

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Tess Bagnell

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