Nebraska Bull - Tess Bagnell

This massive Hereford bull was so magnificent that I had to stop and take this picture of him. He looked on across the field on which he stood, master of his domain. As I watched this bull I could not help but feel that I was looking through a time machine into a sight that could have been viewed decades ago as ranchers who helped build this country worked as they still do today. This proud bull is a jewel to our history.

I often drive the backroads across Nebraska as I find that much of a state’s hidden beauty is along those dirt roads. It was on one of these trips that I came across this bull. I often find myself in awe over the beauty of Nebraska’s farm and ranch land. I have great respect for our farmers and ranchers and am proud to be surrounded by agricultural industry.

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Tess Bagnell

I love photography because a photograph is a moment of beauty captured in time. A picture has the potential to be seen for generations. My favorite subjects to photograph are people and animals in the wild.