Wyoming has many places that are well known as picturesque locations. One of the lesser known but one of my favorite places is the hidden treasure of southeast Wyoming called Aspen Alley. This magnificent place boasts some of the tallest aspen trees in the region, many of which stand over 100 feet tall. It is hard to capture the feeling that you get while standing among the tall trees in a photograph. Aspen Alley boasts some of the best fall colors that I have ever seen

I look forward to traveling to Aspen Alley every fall to experience the autumn colors. It is hard to time when the colors will be perfect, especially with the harsh Wyoming weather, but the leaves have usually turned by the end of September.

Aspen Alley is located about 23 miles west of Encampment, Wyoming. Follow Wyoming Highway 70 west out of Encampment until you reach Deep Creek Road (Forest Service road 801). Follow this road North for about a mile and you will drive through Aspen Alley. There is ample room to pull over on either side of the road through the trees so that you can get out and walk through.

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Marc Bacon

One of my passions is exploring the outdoors and documenting what I find with my camera. My work is primarily wildlife and landscape photography, but I dabble in other fields as well. My photographic style is unique. I am always searching for unique angles and lighting, especially in my landscapes.