Grandfather Meadowlark - Tess Bagnell

Today is National Camera Day. In honor of the holiday here are five of our favorite images that we have taken in the last year:

5. Nebraska Hereford Bull

Nebraska Bull - Tess Bagnell
© Tess Bagnell

Tess found this bull while exploring Nebraska’s backroads. This was taken with her Canon 7D.

4. Nature’s Lifeline

Nature's Lifeline - Marc Bacon
© Marc Bacon

I stumbled on this scene while I was hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park. This was taken with my Canon 6D.

3. Mountain Secret Treasure

Moutain Marsh-marigold Wildflower | Tess Bagnell
© Tess Bagnell

Spring in the mountains brings amazing views filled with wildflowers, such as this one that Tess found.

2. Elk at Sunrise

A Rocky Mountain elk bugles at sunrise.
© Marc Bacon

This elk that I captured at sunrise in the rocky mountains is too awesome not to include in this list.

1. Grandfather Meadowlark

Grandfather Meadowlark - Tess Bagnell
© Tess Bagnell

This meadowlark is one of our favorite images that either of us have captured so far this year. Tess captured this picture using her new “mega lens”.

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Marc Bacon

One of my passions is exploring the outdoors and documenting what I find with my camera. My work is primarily wildlife and landscape photography, but I dabble in other fields as well. My photographic style is unique. I am always searching for unique angles and lighting, especially in my landscapes.